Masculinity: Under Construction

a space for male-identifying folks to get together and discuss masculinity.

The aim of M:UC is to challenge ourselves, review our privilege, formulate a positive form of masculinity, build community and work towards change for ourselves and others.

M:UC plan to have this volunteer work be grounded in feminist theory and practice. We will be checking in with online resources and real life folks about how to not perpetuate toxic masculinity ourselves. Even when we are trying to do good we need to keep ourselves in check and be accountable to our communities.

To this purpose M:UC has formalized a cooperation with the Ottawa Coalition To End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW).

M:UC organizes a range of events each month: an interactive workshop discussing a topic brought forward by members, social meetings to build community, movie nights, a book club, etc. Below are a few examples of the activities organized in the past.

An M:UC website is currently under construction, please connect through facebook.

Our closed group for discussions:

Our public facing page for updates and open events:


Coffee Break

Regardless of how the current situation is affecting you, whether you live alone, or like me are sort of trapped in your home (which in now also your place of work?!) with your partner and/or children, this is an opportunity to connect live (online!) with other MUC members. We’ll be online for 2-hours talking, listening (maybe playing guitar, I dunno?!)
Feel free to pop in anytime, stay for a few minutes, or for a few hours.
I look forward to connecting !

This recurring event is organized by Marco.


M:UC organizes monthly workshops to increase knowledge and build skills. These workshops are facilitated by members or guest facilitators.

Previous topics were:

  • Our first time sex: an exploration of sex and masculinity facilitated by Alan Martino (disability, gender, and sexualities researcher).
  • Trans identities under construction: a conversation with community activist Joel.
  • Friendship and accountability: an exploration of the issues we face when we want to hold friends accountable when they are called out by the community for doing harm, introduction by feminist rapper and public speaker Kira-Lynn Federer.

Dungeons and Dragons

Table top RPGs are fantastic tools for building empathy, and taking yourself out of your comfort zone in a safe way!

We will play with a narrative that is sensitive to gender dynamics, and this narrative is written especially for this event by an experienced dungeon master (8 years). The event is open for players of all levels, as our DM is accustomed to playing with new through veteran players. Bringing some snacks and drinks is encouraged (potluck style). There will be a 10lb dachshund, she is not hypoallergenic and it can take a few minutes for her to get used to strangers.

Ian K’lark is our Dungeon Master.

Fellowship brunch

A weekly brunch which aims to connect the group members with each other. No demands, no expectations, just togetherness.

Due to COVID the brunch is put on hold.

The brunch took at Ts, an all-welcoming pub.

This recurring event is organized by Angus.

Book club

For the book worms among us, M:UC organizes a book club every 6 weeks to two months. This event is organized by Antoine. Previous books were:

  • Cracking the armor by Michael Kaufman, who joined us in person.
  • The body keeps the score by Bessel van der Kolk
  • Policing Black Lives by Robyn Maynard.
  • Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici.

Tai chi

Many men are socialized to ignore painful emotions and physical sensations, to toughen them out. This series of workshops allows men to re-establish the connection with their own bodies again, through Tai Chi. Greg is our Tai Chi teacher.